26 December, 2013

Paradise Soccer Club

The great thing about footy is that for me personally and thousands of its other followers is that it has always been a lifestyle. You play it, you watch it, and you wear it. So in terms of living the lifestyle and doing it big I would like to give a shout out to Paradise Soccer Club. PSC is a soccer and lifestyle joint that just opened up in Kailua, Hawaii. Its a store but in terms of the lifestyle and the events they have been throwing is something that I think the soccer culture over here in North America is really lacking. 

PSC is slowly building a brand along with its retail infrastructure that is influenced by soccer, surf, skating and street wear fashion. The unique aspect that sets PSC apart from the normal retail store is that at least once a month they put on an event. Not just any small event because in the videos below you can see they go hard and they live breath and love footy which is the exact reason I started Footy Guru. 
The events to name a few include street soccer, futsal and FIFA tournaments to not only promote the shop but also the sport of soccer. PSC will also be making soccer and lifestyle products such as jerseys, balls and footy inspired clothing.  Special thanks to the homie Max for the new boots and the PSC Hooligans gear.